How to warm up before running

By Adam Granger


Warming up before running helps prevent injury and makes your session more effective. A warm up consists of light exercises combined with stretches and should last between 5-10 minutes.


Start off with a fast walk or slow jog for 1 – 2 minutes

Increase the speed for another 1.5 – 2.5 minutes

Then alternate between various dynamic stretches/movements “on the go” that are directly related to running.


We recommend choosing exercises and stretches you enjoy and are comfortable with.

For example:

10 – 12 reps of high knees with a jog back x2

10 – 12 reps of heel flicks with a jog back x2

Same distance of side to sides with a jog back x2

5 – 10 skips or bounds incorporating arm movements similar to running x2

5 – 10 squat jumps to activate the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles.


Key points:

Try and increase your heart rate close to where you are going to be working at to prepare your body and mind for activity.

Make your dynamic stretches running specific (keep on the move if weather is cold).

Use static stretches to target tight areas if needed.

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