Run with Respect: how to run without ruining it for others

Running should be fun for all not a free for all. Here are the RunBirmingham team’s tips to keep it that way. Whether you walk, jog or run in one of our groups or on your own, manners make the miles go by much nicer.

It’s not a race!

Sometimes you just need to leave your competitive streak at home, relax and enjoy the company of others. Our sessions encourage team building and taking on a challenge together. There are lots of different abilities, goals and targets but we’re all RunBirmingham – from the first steps walk-runners to the hardcore marathon heads.

Stay Left

We’re not alone in the parks or on the pavements. There are pedestrians, dogwalkers, cyclists and sometimes other runners coming toward us or trying to overtake. Keep it safe and simple – stay left, overtake on the right. No pushing, shoving or collisions.

No-one left behind

We all have off days. It’s our run leader’s job to look after everyone and that includes the back of the pack. If you’re faster you can head forward and loop back. If you see a runner struggling, help them out. It’s worth putting your own goals to one side for the good vibes you’ll get from helping others.

Keep it down

We all know music can pump us up, help the time pass and keep us company but too much volume can mean you can’t hear your surroundings – including other runners or cyclists trying to pass. Keep it down or keep one ear bud out.

Look both ways

This is a simple one. Watch where you’re going and don’t end up in a tangle of arms, legs and wheels – or worse still a hospital bed.

Don’t litter

Just don’t. End of. There’s no clean up crew to pick up your bottles and gel packets. We’ve heard some runners go out with gloves and actually clear litter on their run – that’s great. We love those people. Medals all round. And cake.