Where has my mojo gone?!

There’ll be times when you feel you’ve lost your motivation. The colder, darker days and winter bugs can sap your enthusiasm for running.

At RunBirmingham we’re only human and we go through this too – here’s activator Sally’s tips to get yourself back on track:

Run with a friend or group. Committing to someone else is often all the motivation we need. It makes it more difficult to use the excuse of “I’ll go tomorrow”.

Try doing your warm up inside. That way your muscles are warmed and it doesn’t hit you quite as much when you venture out.

Take in the scenery or make a new friend. Just getting out the door is a win some days. Pushing for your personal best can be hard as conditions may not be favourable. Take the time to just enjoy the run, chat to someone new or catch up with a friend and take in your surroundings.

Plan for the future. Fancy entering a race next year? Get online and book it – whether you think of it as carrot or stick, setting yourself a goal can keep you going. Or to run for free, check out the RunBirmingham social runs for a change of scenery and to meet new people.

Why not volunteer? It’s amazing how good it can feel to support other runners. The weekly events like Great Run Local and parkrun are always glad of extra help. A great way to stay involved and get that buzz back.

Mix it up and add in some strengthening exercises. Challenge yourself with squats, lunges or the plank. These indoor exercises are great for your core strength, which is great for your running – and help remove the guilt of not running so it’s a double bonus. Here are some ideas to get you started https://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/nhs-fitness-studio/Pages/welcome-to-nhs-fitness-studio.aspx

Crosstrain and check out your local leisure centre, some may be offering free time in the gym! Spin bike sessions, swimming and even Zumba can help keep you focused and ready to start running again. Check out http://beactivebirmingham.co.uk/,  or https://www.sportbirmingham.org/activities to find an activity perfect for you!

Share it. Be honest, we’ve all been there. Talk things through with your fellow runners, friends and family or drop us a line at RunBirmingham. Most of all don’t let your missing mojo get you down. You’ll be back in the zone before you know it!

RunBirmingham can provide support and guidance to help you get active, check out our weekly sessions here.