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A Happy Return

Friday, January 05, 2018

Things don’t always go smoothly in running and the Run Birmingham team are no exception.

Activator Sally shares the highs and lows of time on the injury bench and why she’s looking forward to her comeback so much..

On 2nd January I had (what feels like) a long awaited physio appointment about some knee pain which led the doctor to advise me not to run. This news was awful. Running has got me through some major change in my life and has been a great tool to eliminate stress and make me feel very happy. Take that away and I'm one grumpy lady! Anyway, I was wishing for the physio to have a magic wand and to tell me I could run again. Lo and behold my dreams became a reality and due to the cause of the pain, It would not cause damage by running. If I could have bottled and sold the feeling of elation at this news, I think I'd be a millionaire. I literally could not stop beaming and nearly kissed the poor bloke I was so happy.

After sharing the news with my family, friends and colleagues, I got home and did the quickest change EVER into my running gear, warmed up and went for my first run in over a month. I had a permanent grin on my face. I know this for two reasons: 1- I ran past the same man twice and he kind of grinned wildly back at me both times mirroring what I was doing, 2-my cheeks were really aching. It wasn't my fastest run by a long shot and it wasn't pain free, but I didn't care, I was running!

That post run glow was apparent in both my face and my voice and I've seen it in runners of all levels. It's amazing to be in the presence of that afterglow as it is really infectious. Even when you feel tired after your run, there’s a real sense of satisfaction and a feeling of being invigorated and alive. I got a taste of this when I volunteered at a local parkrun on New Year's Day as a tail walker and walked a 5k course. After having been pretty sedentary over the festive season and before that due to the snow, I got a snippet of that feel good factor. Running for me just amplifies it. I always say at the end of a run with new runners for them to remember the post run feeling. Yes, I do take sweaty post run pics but they're a great reminder of that feeling. Even though the feeling isn't for sale, we can help you achieve it for yourself. So don a pair of sensible footwear and comfy clothes and come along and get active. One foot in front of the other is where it all starts.


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